Bilingual Beginning Boxes 

Spanish Classes and Activities in a box!

Full Subscriptions include:
a bilingual book (when available and/or relevant to theme) or learning tool, activity book, vocabulary flash cards or vocabulary identification objects, 4-5 crafts, art materials, trinkets, online resources and video instructions in English and Spanish that can be used as an additional mini-classes. 

Sibling Packs can only be added to full subscriptions and include at least 4 crafts, an art material, trinkets, for each box,  online resources and video instructions in English and Spanish. 
**Boxes will be made available for pickup at pre-Covid Bilingual Beginning Classroom locations in Arlington, Germantown and East Memphis. Memphis-area delivery also available at an additional fee
Fall 2020, Spring and Summer 2021  boxes pictured are for sample purposes only. New themes and materials coming for Spring 2021.
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