Toddler and Parent Play Class (1 to 3.5 years)

Our focus for our toddler and parent class is to expose both toddlers and parents to the language through music, story time and fun filled activities. Children this age don’t tend to stay still for long, so teachers will work closely with parents to make sure they learn basic phrases, songs and games they can play at home to reinforce learning throughout the week.

Parent and Child Class (1-5 years)

Fun and play guide our parent and child classes where you will learn along with your little one. Kids willearn key phrases alongside their parents through songs, rhymes, art activities, games and interactive play. Younger kids are guided and motivated by their older classmates and older kids get to shine as they develop their confidence and critical social skills as they learn Spanish.  

Elementary Class (5-12 years) 

Kids go beyond basic vocabulary, fun and games and on to learning to read, write and communicate effectively in Spanish using complete phrases as they are introduced to grammar concepts.