At every class we will go over basics such as: Greetings, Numbers, Alphabet, Vowels, Colors, Days of the Week and Months of the Year. 

Please refer to the Basic Resources page:

Click here to access games to practice the vocabulary for our various themes. Games have sound with correct pronunciation of the words. 

2019-2020 School Year Homeschool Classes 


We will spend the first 2 classes of the session gauging what basic Spanish past students remember and new students already know. 
After the general review this will move on to become a condensed  'circle time' at the beginning of each class where we will select a few to review providing kids the opportunity to come up to the front to practice them and the rest of the class will revolve around a thematic unit which will chance every 4-5 classes. 
These are all thing you can practice with your kids on the Basic Resources button and the Games button above. 

La Casa y los Muebles 


Printable newsletter: 

House and Furniture newsletter copy.pdf House and Furniture newsletter copy.pdf
Size : 678.675 Kb
Type : pdf

Labels for rooms and furniture items 

Several parents decided to make labels for their kids to practice the furniture items each time they came in contact with it so I decided to make some for anyone interested..

labels .pdf labels .pdf
Size : 8.219 Kb
Type : pdf


Please note that vocabulary may be different in videos due to variations in the Spanish language depending on what country they are from. Videos also contain more vocabulary than what we are focusing on in class.

Es la hora de dormir 


Printable newsletter: 

Bedtime newsletter copy.pdf Bedtime newsletter copy.pdf
Size : 487.839 Kb
Type : pdf

Verb focus:

Necesito (I need) 

Los Animales Polares 


Printable newsletter: 

Los Animales Polares Fall2019.pdf Los Animales Polares Fall2019.pdf
Size : 595.579 Kb
Type : pdf

Google Worksheets:     

El or La Worksheet

Un or Una Worksheet

Verb focus:

Es (is) 
Gender of nouns:
el/la (the)
un/una (a)
Size classifications: 
Pequeño(a) (small)
Mediano(a) (medium)
Grande (large)

Las Formas

Printable Newsletter:

Shapes newsletter.pdf Shapes newsletter.pdf
Size : 414.501 Kb
Type : pdf

Veo, Veo 

Veo, veo (I see, I see)
Que ves? (What do you see?)
Una cosita (A little thing)
Y que cosita es? (and what little thing is it?)

El Espacio

Sentence Builders 

Vamos - Let's go
Vamos a - Let's go to..
Cerca - close or near 
Lejos - far